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Health and Safety

M2 Flooring pride themselves on their high standard of Health and Safety.  We have never made a reportable accident to the Health and Safety Executive.

Health and Safety is a priority for our business.  Our commitment is to maintain our priority on the management of Health and Safety with zero tolerance for accidents and incidents, to meet and exceed Health and Safety legislation, codes of practice and guidelines.

The company takes a proactive approach to health and safety instead of a reactive approach. This is implemented with the use of control measures such as risk assessments, method statements and permits to work.

The company also makes sure that all employees undertake a tool box talk every 4 weeks on various topics that are relevant to the work that is being performed. With the extensive training all employees such as asbestos awareness training and removal of non-licensed asbestos they aware of other issues that can present themselves. 

The company takes a proactive approach to health and safety this ensures:

  • A strategic safe system of work is in place for all works.
  • All employees are asbestos trained to UKATA standards.
  • All employees receive regular tool box talks.
  • All employees are involved in the implementation and writing of the safe systems of work.
  • The company strives to be leaders in health and safety and ensuring not only the workforce are safe but all public.
  • The employees are constantly trained regarding all issues such as asbestos, manual handling to name a few.
  • Occupational health is a high issue the company strives to achieve the best for the employees.
  • The additions of permits to work for hot works, confined spaces and permits to dig are an advantage to the employees
  • All equipment is of the highest standard, certificated and only used for its intended use.
  • All employees are issued with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for the tasks that are to be undertaken.
  • Method statements and risk assessment are provided to the client when requested.

With the aid of external health and safety advisors the company can strive to achieve the high standards that they set for themselves regarding health and safety. 

Les Portlock and Ben Atkins are SMSTS qualified enabling them to deal with the day to day monitoring and running of health and safety.


M2 Flooring Ltd realises that a firm commitment to environmental matters is essential. The environment plays a key role in the continuing success of M2 Flooring and the company has established a Quality Management System and recognizes that it needs to set itself high environmental standards. 

We have looked at the areas of our business which could have both positive and negative impacts on the environment and have identified the following policy aims to enhance our overall environmental performance. 

We aim to: 

  • Comply with all Statutory Environmental Regulations.
  • Where possible use materials that have as low an embodied energy as practicable.
  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint by minimizing energy use and cutting out energy waste.
  • Reduce the amount of waste we create and ensure that we maximize our recycling of the waste that we do make.
  • Ensure that all environmental matters are taken account of in any business decision.
  • Ensure that we meet environmental legislative requirements.
  • Ensure that any disturbance to the environment is kept to a minimum and that the quality of life of any local inhabitants is also respected.
  • Review our purchasing requirements so as to make environmentally sound purchasing decisions and increase local purchasing.
  • Endeavour to attain a reputation for effective environmental management.
  • Ensure that only suppliers and sub-contractors who have a high environmental regard are used.
  • Undertake an on-going procedure review of its operations in order to minimise the environmental effect of its operations.

M2 Flooring endeavour to recycle as much as possible. The company currently has ways for recycling metal, wood, plastic, papers and cardboard. The use of local suppliers is paramount to minimise the amount of carbon dioxide produced through delivery. Where practically possible the company strives to the use of materials with as low embodied energy as possible.  

We limit paper invoicing , preferring electronic invoicing to reduce the quantity of paper wastage. 

Local  suppliers are used where  working  to reduce embodied energy and materials used. We pride ourselves on our corporate social responsibility, distributing unused ceramic tiles local colleges for courses.  We also donate our cardboard tubes to a local nursery. We are also part of the vinyl recycling scheme with Polyflor and Altro and the Carpet Recycling Group.  This actions all reduce the  amount of wastage materials we produce from landfill.